Why write big, if you can not speak big?


the bauhaus asked these and other questions on its letterheads, which, like all of their printed matter after 1925, were only set in minuscule. In its »new typography«, the bauhaus called for a modern, global typeface that radically dispensed with frills.

»There is no large or small alphabet. it is not necessary to have a big and a small sign for the same sound. the simultaneous use of two alphabets with completely different characters is illogical and inharmonious. “

herbert bayer

and it’s true: capitalization is complicated. it doubles the number of letters that novice readers have to learn to read and write. it makes typing difficult and slow. it leads to misspellings.

This blog also writes everything in lower case, especially because of the lower level of authority the lower case letters exude. but: are capital letters really that unnecessary? in german, the argument is the weakest, but capital letters indicate the beginning of sentences far better than the full stop. a period looks like a comma from a distance. this makes it easier to read long texts in upper and lower case. It’s just a good thing that people don’t write around here for long.